The packaging machine mod SVN3 was designed for the packaging of corn-meal but it can also package all liquid or semi-liquid products such as melted cheese, milk, sauces, soups, water and many others.
The method consists of cutting and sealing the tubular packaging film once the dosage pump has completely filled it with the product.

The corn-meal packaged in this way at a temperature of 95°C, where it does not come into contact with atmospheric elements or factory workers, results in a natural sterilization which enhances the flavour and the quality, guaranteeing a durability of 180 days without preservatives.
The packaging method is unique and patented, it is the best in terms of simplicity, hygiene, safety and durabilty of the product.

The machine is made completely of stainless steel and can produce from 13 to 27 units a minute in 1000g and 500g sizes.
The packaging can have a centralized printing (reading from the top of the packaging film) or a continuous printing ( with a measuring system of the length of the packet).

The machine is electronic and, according to the number of units per minute, automatically varies the speed of the belts, the speed of the injection pump, the sealing time and current.
The machine is built under European CE regulations.

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