The systems that we make are comprised of one or two cooking pots, an injection pump and one or two packaging machines.

Our systems have been studied and set up with our twenty-year experience to obtain the most natural method of working and to maintain the traditional Italian taste.

The quality is guaranteed by automated lines using advanced technology capable of large production.

The corn-meal is cooked in double-bottomed steaming pans made of stainless steel so as not to change the natural flavour of the corn.

The production cycle begins with the loading of water into the pans, after which the flour and salt are added. When the corn-meal is cooked it is extracted by the pump which at the same time injects the corn-meal into tubular film which has been curled onto the tube before-hand.

The packaging machine hermetically seals the air tight packs at a temperature of around 95°C.
With this procedure the product never comes into contact with atmospheric elements or factory workers, enhancing the natural flavour and the durability without the addition of preservatives.

The packets of corn-meal fresh from the packaging machine must be placed in moulds in such a way that, when they cool down, they take on the form required.

After a few hours of cooling the packets are ready to be removed from the moulds and boxed.

The BASIC SYSTEM can produce up to 450 kg/h of corn-meal. The system comprises a double-bottomed steam cooker, an injection pump and a packaging machine.

The MEDIUM SYSTEM can produce up to 750 kg/h of corn-meal.
It has an extra double-bottomed pan with respect to the basic version.
This works by steam. It needs a greater number of moulds, of mould transport trolleys and also a wider platform.

The PRO SYSTEM can produce up to 1300 kg/h of corn-meal. This system has an extra thermic store with respect to the medium version.
This enables the pans to unload the freshly cooked corn-meal immediately into the store using a high speed pump. In this way a new load can be cooked straight away.
With the medium system, however, the pans empty little by little as the corn-meal is packaged. The pro system also needs, as well as a thermic store, an outflow pump, two injection pumps, two packaging machines and a greater number of moulds and mould transport trolleys.

The PRO AUTOMATIC SYSTEM has the same machinery as the pro system but is worked electronically.
The valves are pneumatically controlled and regulate the amounts of water and flour.
The cooking times and the mixing speeds can be varied by a touch screen found on the machine.
The display also shows all the working phases and eventual malfunctions of the equipment.
All the parts can, however, be worked by hand.

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